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Hobby Shop are an art rock musical collective formed in Queens, New York. Consisting of seven members, the band was started by Eric Ong and Peter Cernauskas in 2008. Throughout this time, there were numerous line up changes, with Jared Dancler (aka Maurice) remaining in the fold. After a slight break, Jared Miller, joined as bassist, and Hobby Shop would go on to perform live as a trio.

"Mammals," their debut album as a trio blending elements of psychedelia and post rock was released in 2017, with Maurice contributing to two tracks from Portland. Samantha Rollins and Karen Claman, contributed to two tracks on strings, and Raphael Cola joined the band shortly after release as keyboardist.

At present, the band takes up different line ups for live shows and records dependent on who's available. They're currently working on their second album, which will debut a wider line up titled, "Stuck, May We Blend."


Peter Cernauskas - Drums, Percussion

Karen Claman - Viola

Raphael Cola - Keyboard, Synthesizer, Rhodes, Piano

Jared Dancler - Guitar, Voice

Jared Miller - Bass, Trombone, Synthesizer, FX, Voice

Eric Ong - Voice, Guitar, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Bass, FX, Arrangement, Production, Words

Samantha Rollins - Violin, FX

HOBBY SHOP: Releases
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