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Before Dae Han became one of Honolulu's go to jazz drummers, playing alongside the likes of Shing02 & the Chee-Hoos, he collaborated with Eric Ong in New York City and dabbled into the world of psychedelia. 

Initially meeting in a stock room, discussing their love of J-DillaMadlib, and Dragon's Breath, they both decided to work together on a project called Colordrone. During this time, Eric also met Jared Miller, while sharing some of his Dragon's Breath, and finding out he played bass which led to future collaborations.

Currently, Dae is out in Hawaii and just released his debut jazz album, "Blue." Their debut release entitled, "Dillated Donuts & Glazed Pupils," is set to release in the not so distant future.


Dae Han - Drums, Percussion, Keyboard

Jared Miller - Bass, Trombone, FX

Eric Ong - Voice, Guitar, Synthesizer, FX, Production, Words

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